Yasmeen of Coronation Street to be locked up for stabbing Geoff in devastating injustice


Sharon Marshall, soap specialist this morning, confirmed Yasmeen Nazir’s heartbreaking fate on Coronation Street during Tuesday’s show.

During Friday’s shocking episode, Yasmeen finally broke and defended himself against his vile and abusive husband Geoff Metcalfe.

After Geoff attacked Yasmeen with a knife, she hit him with a bottle, and when it broke, he stabbed him in the neck with the broken edge.

Geoff has been left bleeding and shaking on the ground, his whereabouts are unknown, but it has now been confirmed that he survived his injury.

Yasmeen to be accused of stabbing Geoff, despite the fact that it was self-defense

Yasmeen will be arrested and viewers wondered whether she would be charged or not, and whether anyone would believe Geoff was abusing her because she did not tell anyone.

But Sharon confirmed the devastating news: “She will be charged, we will deny her bail,” which means she will be locked up for a while.

But Sharon added that he was still in the air as to whether Yasmeen would be sentenced.

Sharon confirmed that Yasmeen would be denied bail

She said, “The whole street is going to be divided, is this the Geoff team? Is it the Yasmeen team? “

She also suggested that Yasmeen’s only saving grace could be the secret camera that Geoff installed to spy on him, as this would make people believe that she was being abused.

“But will anyone find that? Asked Sharon.

Will anyone believe Geoff was abusing Yasmeen?

She also teased that the seizure of Oliver Battersby was the start of a great story, but Corrie actress Jane Danson, who plays Oliver Leanne’s mother, would give more information on that Monday morning.

Coronation Street viewers were shocked by the bottle scene on Friday, some comparing it to a horror movie.

While some viewers have complained about the violence, others have praised the soap for dealing with such a difficult and topical issue.

Sharon spoke with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about the upcoming soap absorbers

In recent episodes, Geoff cheated on his wife Yasmeen with prostitutes and gave her chlamydia, which he later blamed her for.

He gave her his beloved chicken to eat without telling him before and stole money from her bank account.

He also forced her to have sex after protesting, and during Friday’s episode, Yasmeen finally broke and defended herself.

Ofcom has confirmed that it has received 276 complaints about the scene of the bottle and plans to investigate or not.

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