WWE Veteran Alberto Del Rio Arrested Charged With Brutal Assault Against Woman


Former WWE star and Combate Americas fighter Alberto Del Rio was arrested on May 9 and charged with sexual assault after a woman reported brutal assault to police earlier this month this, according to a report from an NBC affiliate in San Antonio, Texas.

Del Rio, whose real name is Jose Rodriguez Chucuan, has been charged with domestic violence and serious sexual assault as a result of the woman’s report. She alleged that the former wrestler and fighter attacked her over a 16-hour period between the night of May 3 and the afternoon of May 4, TMZ reported. The alleged victim documented his injuries in several photos, and an officer on site noted that he had bruises on his face, neck, arms and legs.

Del Rio, 42, was sentenced to a prison in San Antonio on May 9 and was released a few hours later on bail of $ 50,000. He did not comment publicly on his arrest and MMA Fighting was unable to reach him for comment. A public relations representative for Combate Americas declined to comment and said that Del Rio had not worked for the promotion since last December.

The woman, who is said to speak only Spanish, told police that the attack began when she denied accusations of infidelity. He slapped her twice in the head and took her downstairs, where he hit her eight more times, News for San Antonio reported.

The victim said the Del Rio strikes had given him “a feeling of dizziness and vertigo”. He made her put on a dress and dance for him, and she said that he slept with her without her consent. She also said that he had threatened her son, telling him to “drop him somewhere in the middle of the road” if she did not shut up.

At one point, the alleged victim said that Del Rio had put a sock in her mouth to prevent her from speaking and that she could not breathe.

Del Rio was half of Combate Americas’ first sight-based foray into the UFC Tito Ortiz Hall of Fame after nine years of retirement. Ortiz introduced the ex-wrestler in the first round.

Prior to his return, Del Rio served as ambassador and executive for Hispanic-centric promotion, who hired him in 2016 as president after his release from WWE.


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