WWE SmackDown results, recap, notes: Braun Strowman teams up with Otis, match against champion


After Otis became one of the most unlikely Money in the Bank winners in history, he found himself in the ring with world champion Bran Strowman less than a week later. But, unlike most games involving the briefcase and the champion, Otis and Strowman were on the same side as they teamed up to eliminate The Miz and John Morrison in the main SmackDown event on Friday.

Otis was challenged to a game by Miz and Morrison, but Tucker, his Heavy Machinery partner, was not available. After a brief search for help, the best half of Otis, Mandy Rose, suggested that he team up with Strowman. Despite reservations, Strowman accepted the plan and the two formed a power duo. Of course, there was a bit of drama after the game as Otis launched a sneak attack on Strowman to back off before the show aired.

In addition, a huge game has been scheduled for next week’s edition of SmackDown, with NXT female champion Charlotte Flair challenged to a champion vs. champion match by female champion SmackDown Bayley. Although the titles are not in play for the match, Flair potentially turned on the fuse in the long-awaited feud between Bayley and Sasha Banks by asking how long Banks would be ready to play the second violin of the reign of Bayley’s championship.

Also of note, an eight-player intercontinental tournament began with Daniel Bryan and Elias winning over Drew Gulak and King Corbin, respectively, to advance to the semifinals.

Now let’s take a look at everything that happened in this week’s edition of SmackDown.

Results, WWE SmackDown Notes

The money in the winner of Otis bank opened the show by appearing on Miz TV. Otis tackled his big win in a briefcase before Miz and John Morrison started making fun of the pictures of Otis’ baby – and his huge belly. Otis said he grew up with a learning disability, but his mother helped him maintain his grades because sport made sense to him, unlike school. As Miz’s excavations continued, he finally challenged for a tag match. Otis said Tucker was not available, so Miz told him to find someone to be his partner at the end of the segment. Giving Otis time on the mic is certainly necessary if WWE is ready to run with him as he seems, but I don’t know that character development could not have been accomplished more effectively with a vignette than having photos of Otiz with Miz and his mother. Category B-

Intercontinental Championship Tournament – Elias def. King Corbin via pinfall with a small package to move forward. Bringing an established rivalry to the first round is a classic WWE tournament reservation. It was a long game playing on this story, with Corbin dominating much of the fight and winning the wrath of Elias after picking up the guitar in mid-game and briefly scratching it. Elias broke the streak and was almost disqualified after listening to the referee’s calls for a break. Corbin would break the guitar later in the game, leaving Elias to hit a jumping knee and catch Corbin on the rebound of the strings for the small victory in what was a surprisingly good effort in the ring. Quality: B +

Dana Brooke beats. Naomi via pinfall with a jackknife pin. For the second time in a row, Brooke achieved an upset victory over Naomi, with the first entry into a Money in the Bank qualifier. The match ended fairly quickly with a pin counter for two women who feel a bit without directions on the list. Quality: C

NXT female champion Charlotte Flair promoted the ring. Flair had been invited to SmackDown as one of four “brand invitations” available. After a little talk, Bayley’s music stopped and the champion of SmackDown and her best friend Sasha Banks walked to the ring. Bayley and Banks noted that they have not seen Flair since Bayley beat her to become double SmackDown female champion. Bayley finally told Flair to “get the hell out of our ring now.” Flair then worked to dig a wedge between Bayley and Banks, pointing out how many “firsts” the two had shared and asked if Banks was really happy to sit in the background of Bayley’s reign. All of this allowed Bayley to launch a champion-to-champion challenge, which Flair agreed to before asking Banks to decide if she was his own wife or if she would be happy to be an afterthought. In addition to building a great game, it also seemed to be the spark that would really ignite the long-awaited rivalry between Bayley and Banks. Category B

The Forgotten Sons made a backstage promo. They explained that they served the country but were not welcomed with open arms, so they will welcome others with closed fists.

Intercontinental Championship Tournament – Daniel Bryan beats. Drew Gulak via submission with a hook in the heel to move forward. It was, as expected, a brilliant technical showdown. The games between Gulak and Bryan were wonderful when they were given time, and the two training partners and friends managed to do it again. Bryan hit a huge, inverted leg whip to soften Gulak before locking the heel hook for the win. After the match, Bryan was interviewed in the ring and said his goal was to regain the title he had to retire from and retire from it. the title on SmackDown. Quality: B +

Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler made a backstage promo. This came after a match between the two and Otis & Mandy Rose was announced for SmackDown next week. Deville insulted Rose, saying that the only thing she was good at was to be pretty before asking if the life she wanted was to have children with Otis and live in a trailer.

Braun Strowman & Otis beats. The Miz & John Morrison via pinfall after Strowman hit Morrison with a powerslam. Not surprisingly, Strowman took Otis on a previous offer to be his tag partner, setting up the interesting scenario of the champion teaming up with the man chasing him with the Money in the Bank briefcase. At the start of the match, Strowman and Otis hit Morrison with a double track – although Strowman’s form leaves something to be desired. Strowman took over late after some devious tactics from Miz and Morrison to catch Morrison with a powerlam for the win. After the victory, Mandy Rose came in as a distraction, but Strowman caught Mr. Money in the bank crawling behind him. Otis said it was just for fun before bumping into fists and celebrating the end of the show. Category B


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