WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt responds to Martha Hart’s allegations regarding her trial, as WWE cannot tell her story outside of court


– As previously reported, Dr. Martha Hart, widow of the late WWE Superstar and wrestler Owen Hart, recently spoke to CBS Sports, where she discussed the death of her husband, WWE’s negligence for the safety of ‘Owen in the waterfall, and his lawsuit against the company. Since then, the article has been updated with WWE comments outside of legal counsel Jerry McDevitt. Here are some highlights from McDevitt’s response to Dr. Hart:

WWE side McDevitt: “The reality is that we never told our version of what happened – at least not outside of court. We said it in court, but when she talks about how the trial has gone over the years, it really isn’t exactly what she says. What she did every time it happened, she hired a Kansas City lawyer whom we caught trying to fix the judicial selection process to get a judge they liked more. We caught them and went to the Missouri Supreme Court. The Missouri Supreme Court said, “No, no, no. We are not going to let that happen. “They basically appointed an independent judge from outside Kansas City to oversee the proceedings. We were basically trying to find out what happened that night. Martha wasn’t even interested from a distance to find out what had happened that night; she just wanted to use it as a vehicle to beat a business in which she didn’t like her husband being, the wrestling business. “

On claims that WWE manipulated the Hart family: “In reality, she and her lawyer had attempted to have the Hart family members, Owen’s siblings sign a document in which they would agree to support Martha and her case and they would not speak to WWE. In exchange for that, we all promised them a share of any verdict or settlement, which is highly illegal, totally inappropriate, and you can get in big trouble for that. What happened was that some members of the Hart family were offended because they realized it was wrong. … They knew it was not true and they faxed me these documents that I fell out of the chair while reading them. I was like, “You have to make fun of me. It’s completely illegal, you can’t do that kind of thing. “All of this was then brought to the attention of the Kansas City judge. “

McDevitt on the settlement: “She talked about the $ 18 million settlement, she didn’t really want to do that, she wanted justice. Again, this is simply not true. There was court-ordered mediation. We went to mediation, and his lawyers were asking for $ 35 million and admitting punitive damages. Vince said right there, “Look, Martha, I feel so bad for what happened. I feel responsible because it happened on my watch. I want to take care of you and your family, I loved Owen. He was almost crying. We donated $ 17 million to take care of her. How many times does a CEO walk into a room and say he feels responsible? “I’m not going to argue, I just feel responsible for what happened. ” They refused; they wanted to go to court for their $ 35 million. All right, let’s go and plead. The next day, I get a call from his Canadian lawyer, saying that they didn’t want to do it because they knew what they were facing with the other things I talked about. They said, “If you could save a little bit more money. If you can go to $ 18 million, we’ll settle it right now. That’s how the regulation went down. “

You can also read 411’s own exclusive interview with Dr. Martha Hart on the RIGHT HERE. Hart is a featured topic in Dark side of the ringThe season 2 finale, “The Last Days of Owen Hart,” which begins this evening on VICE TV.


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