WWE clears processing of RAW and SmackDown talent crossovers and intercontinental title status


WWE is said to be moving away from the brand’s complete division and allowing a crossover between the RAW and SmackDown brands.

The company is expected to introduce a decision on tonight’s RAW that will allow a cross between the red and blue marks, according to POST Wrestling. The idea is that it will be a simpler version of last year’s Wild Card rule, which did not work well with most fans.

It was also noted that the new decision of the first two brands should minimize talent crossovers.

This new decision comes at a time when the ratings are down for both issues. The idea for the crossovers apparently came at the request of FOX and the USA Network.

On a related note, WWE is expected to settle the status of the WWE intercontinental title later this week, according to POST, possibly during Friday’s SmackDown on FOX. Sami Zayn currently holds the title but is far from WWE action since the WrestleMania 36 recordings, where he retained Daniel Bryan. He has been champion since Disposal chamber March 8, but WrestleMania victory was his first title defense.

Zayn is believed to have decided not to fight during the COVID-19 epidemic because of his concerns. He was not present for recent recordings at the Performance Center in a closed set. As noted, WWE reportedly told employees some time ago that they did not have to work during the coronavirus pandemic if they did not want to and that their decisions would not be held against them. the future.

Stay tuned for updates on the new WWE crossover decision, as well as Sami’s status and his intercontinental title.


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