World report: don’t count on the vaccine, warns an American scientist, as nearly 5 million cases | News from the world


A top WE Scientist said governments shouldn’t count on development of Covid-19 vaccine, as global infections are expected to exceed 5 million after outbreaks in Latin America, including Brazil, which has recorded nearly 20,000 new cases.

William Haseltine, groundbreaking researcher in cancer, HIV / AIDS and human genome projects, said the best approach to the pandemic was to manage the disease through careful surveillance of infections and isolation measures strict every time it starts to spread.

He said that even if a vaccine could be developed, “I wouldn’t count on it” and urged people to wear masks, wash their hands, clean surfaces and keep a distance.

“Do not listen to politicians who say we will have one when I get re-elected,” he said. “Maybe we will (but) I’m just saying it’s not a slam-dunk case by any means … because every time people have tried to do a vaccine – for Sars or Mers – he did not really protect. “

Vaccines previously developed for other types of coronaviruses have failed to protect the mucous membranes of the nose where the virus usually enters the body, he said.

The United States and other countries have not done enough to “forcibly isolate” those exposed to the virus, said Haseltine, but welcomed efforts by China, South Korea and Taiwan to fight against infections.

Haseltine stated that the United States, Russia and Brazil – who rank first, second and third for infections – have done the worst.

As infections around the world approach 5 million, Brazil reported 19,951 cases on Wednesday, according to the Ministry of Health, bringing the total number of infections to 291,579. If the trend continues, the country will soon overtake the cases of Russia (308,705).

Meanwhile, the Brazilian Ministry of Health has issued new guidelines for the wider use of antimalarials in mild cases of coronavirus, a treatment touted by President Jair Bolsonaro in defiance of public health experts warning of the potential risks to health.


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