Will Ferrell replaces Greg Olsen during Seahawks video conference


With NFL facilities closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Seattle Seahawks are hosting videoconferences in lieu of face-to-face meetings that would normally take place at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in suburban Renton, Washington.

Coach and famous joker Pete Carroll, whose team began their virtual offseason program this week, wanted to introduce some of the incoming Seahawks to their new teammates at the meeting on Thursday.

It was the setup for a gag where comedian / actor Will Ferrell posed as veteran narrow winger Greg Olsen, who signed a $ 7 million contract with Seattle in February.

It starts with “Olsen” sharing his deep affection for Russell Wilson, saying to the quarterback, “I mean, I love you. Let’s have a baby. “

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He makes it clear to attacking coordinator Brian Schottenheimer that he did not come to Seattle to block and shows one of his own hand-drawn pieces, “90 go flywheel Kanye starburst”.

He will in no way play with special teams, and he will not defend any nonsense on the part of one of his comrades, Luke Willson, who likes to have fun and with long hair.

“Stamp it, ok,” he said to Willson. “This is not how I behave, okay? I don’t know what you do during the off-season in Canada, but cut your fucking hair and play football. “

The real Olsen made three Pro Bowls and captured 59 touchdown passes in 13 seasons in the NFL, including the last nine with the Carolina Panthers. He took a step ahead of his post-football career by acting as a color analyst on Fox broadcasts for certain NFL games, most recently last season during Carolina’s goodbye.

Usurping Olsen’s identity, Ferrell thanks Carroll for allowing him to broadcast and play Seahawks games. Then he tries to allay teammates’ concerns about his age by assuring them that he stays in shape with a yoga exercise program.

“Does it look like the body of a 36 year old man? He said, pulling up his shirt to expose a flabby middle section. ” I do not think so. “

Carroll and Ferrell go back to the coaching days at USC, where Ferrell was a staple in the Trojans’ soccer program.


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