Who is Prince Harry’s half-sister, Laura Lopes?


Hello, madam, do you know well the members obsessed with corgi of the royal family? Obviously there are the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William, Duchess Meghan, Duchess Kate and a whole fleet of heirs and spare parts, but what about William and Harry? sister, Laura Lopes?

Kay, okay, it’s their half-sister… but still, WHO IS she?

She is the daughter of Duchess Camilla

Before meeting with Prince Charles, Camilla was married to Andrew Parker Bowles, alias this trotting thirst trap (sorry, quarantine did some really strange things for my personal taste):

British army officer andrew parker bowles playing polo in kenya, 1971 photo by anwar husseingetty images

Anwar HusseinGetty Images

Camilla and Andrew had two children, Tom Parker Bowles (you can study it that way) and art curator Laura Lopes. Here is a picture of the whole happy family tense at the wedding of Charles and Camilla:

the prince of wales and his new wife camilla, duchess of cornwall, with their children lr prince harry, prince william, laura parker bowles and tom parker bowles, in the white living room of the castle of windsor saturday april 9, 2005, after their photo of ceremony wedding by anwar hussein collectionrotawireimage

Anwar Hussein / ROTA CollectionGetty Images

She used to engage in “terrible fights” with William

According to the 2010 book by royal journalist Katie Nicholl Harry and William, William and Laura did NOT get along during the day.

“William and Laura were arguing terribly over who was to blame for their broken homes,” wrote Nicholl. “William would blame Camilla for all the harm she had caused to her mother, which would make Laura angry. Laura didn’t have one. She would take a hard line and fight back against William: “Your father has ruined my life.” “

Hmm. Let’s go on!

She married a laid back Astor

Laura got married * checks notes * of former Calvin Klein model Harry Lopes in 2006, and although his technical title is now “accountable”, he is best described as a very chic person ™. Not only is Harry the grandson of a baron, but he is also linked to the famous Astor family. What a relationship!

harry lopes and laura parker bowles during laura parker bowles and harry lopes - wedding at st cyriacs church in lacock, great britain photo by tomos brangwynwireimage

Tomos brangwynGetty Images

Her daughter was at William and Kate’s wedding

Laura actually has three children (a daughter and twins), but her daughter, Eliza, had to be a bridesmaid at the royal wedding of William and Kate. Here, she is holding Pippa Middleton’s hand:

London, England April 29th sister of the bride and bridesmaid Pippa Middleton holds the hands of Grace Van Cutem and Eliza Lopes as they arrive to attend the royal wedding of Prince William with Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey on the 29th April 2011 in London, England the wedding of the second in line with the British throne will be led by the Archbishop of Canterbury and will bring together 1,900 guests, including members of the foreign royal family and heads of state, thousands of supporters around the world whole also flocked to london to attend the spectacle and the pageantry of the royal wedding photo by pascal le segretaingetty images

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

And here she hangs from Prince Charles’ arms on the top of a balcony:

London, england, april 29 lr michael middleton, carole middleton, prince charles, prince of wales holding the bridesmaid eliza lopes and camilla, duchess of cornwall on the balcony of buckingham palace after the royal wedding of prince william to catherine middleton April 29, 2011 in London, England, the wedding of the second in line with the British throne was led by the Archbishop of Canterbury and brought together 1,900 guests, including members of the foreign royal family and heads of state , thousands of supporters around the world also gathered for London to attend the royal wedding spectacle and pageantry photo by John Stillwell WPA Poolgetty Images

WPA PoolGetty Images

She could get a title when Charles is king

According to The Express, Charles “may confer royal titles on his stepchildren” when he “ascends the throne”. In other words, Laura could become a Duchess or Countess or [insert fancy name here] when Charles becomes king. Cool, same.

She and Tom Seem * Kinda * Salty

At least, based on an interview that Tom gave to Hello great britain where he said they “weren’t quite part of the royal family, to be honest” and added, “My mom got married with it. She is one of them. We are common children. We are right on the side. ”

… Kay!


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