Where Ahmaud Arbery Ran, his neighbors are wary


In February, Ahmaud Arbery, 25, was shot dead in the Satilla Shores district of southern Georgia. In the following two months, no arrests were made. But local residents and lawmakers protested what they said was a deadly combination of racial profiling and flawed self-defense laws. “When they arrest you, make sure you’ve turned on your cameras. “” Make sure you have a video. Police finally arrested two suspects, but only days after the video of the fatal shooting was released. Gregory McMichael and his son, Travis, were charged with murder and aggravated assault. The case has revived the national debate on racial violence. I’m sure you’ve seen the news from Ahmaud Arbery. It looks like murder. The American public saw the video. What exactly happened in the last moments of Mr. Arbery’s life? Using footage from security cameras, videos from cellphones, and 911 calls and newspapers, The Times reconstructed the critical 12 minutes from which Mr. Arbery appeared on Satilla Drive until his death, within 300 meters. It’s around 1 p.m. on February 23 when Ahmaud Arbery came out, less than three kilometers from his home. A security camera at 219 Satilla Drive records when Mr. Arbery enters the frame around 1:04 p.m. He may be jogging in the area, but he stops on the front lawn of 220 Satilla Drive, a house in construction across the street. Arbery takes a look and heads for the open yard. Inside, security images briefly capture him while looking around. Meanwhile outside, a neighbor walks from Jones Road to Satilla Drive and calls 9-1-1. The neighbor is waiting around the corner. He will later tell the dispatcher that Arbery looks like a recent intruder in the area. Several times before February 23, several intruders were captured by the camera of a 220 Satilla. The owner regularly alerted the police. Four times, what appears to be the same man has been filmed. It is not known if it was Arbery, but even if it was, that does not justify his shooting by neighbors outside on the street. The owner of the site says that nothing was stolen from the home during these incidents or on February 23 and that no property was damaged. But neighbors were aware of the intrusions and the community was on the alert after a series of recent robberies. Now let’s go back to the day in question. It is 1:08 p.m. and Arbery is walking around the house. Four minutes after entering, he leaves and runs away. In the upper corner of the security sequence, we can see down the street at 230 Satilla, the home of Travis McMichael. PM At 1:10 pm Travis and his father Gregory seize their weapons, jump in a white truck and leave the house to pursue Mr. Arbery. We don’t have a video showing the next 3 minutes, but the testimony that Gregory McMichael gave to the police at the scene and the interviews of another witness, Roddy Bryan, indicate what happened. Gregory and Travis McMichael follow Arbery on Burford Road. Their neighbor Roddy Bryan sees the chase, gets into his car and follows him. McMichael’s attempt to cut Arbery. Arbery goes back and passes them. Bryan tries to block Arbery but Arbery passes in front of him and towards Holmes Road. Gregory McMichael climbs from the cab to the bed of the handgun truck. We do not know exactly what will happen next. But Bryan and the McMichaels end up following Arbery on Holmes Road. And then we see Arbery at 1:14 p.m. walking down Holmes Road away from Roddy Bryan and towards the McMichaels. Roddy Bryan is filming and – a warning – these scenes are painful. Gregory McMichael is currently dialing 9-1-1. Let’s take a look back and break it down. Here’s Arbery. He has been fleeing vehicles for almost four minutes. Travis stands next to the driver of the truck. Armed with a shotgun. Gregory is in the truck bed when he calls 911. Arbery doesn’t know where to run. It turns right, then left and then rushes to the right side of the vehicle. Arbery arrives at the front of the truck. We see his white t-shirt through the windshield and here is Travis now leaning towards him. This is the moment when the first shot is fired. Arbery is hit in the chest, his right lung ribs and sternum are injured. The two men fight over the pistol. Gregory shouts, “Travis! Arbery hits Travis. In the back of the truck, Gregory drops the cell phone. A second breath leaves the frame. But we see the shotgun smoking here. Aubrey is bleeding profusely. He throws another punch. Travis takes one last shot, which hits Arbery in the upper chest. Travis walks away holding his gun. Gregory gets out of the truck hugging his Magnum .357. According to the police report, Gregory returned Arbery to see if he had a gun. He does not have. Police arrive within seconds of the shooting, and a minute later at 1:16 p.m., police officer R. Minshew reports: Two subjects on Holmes Road. Shots were fired. Man on the bleeding ground. The police took the testimony of Gregory McMichael and let the two men go. But now the McMichaels are facing serious charges. Hi, this is Malachy and I reported this story. For more transparency, a note on the security images used in this video, which was published for the first time by the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The timecode you see in the sequence is incorrect. We know this because we have aligned what we see in the video with what we hear in two 9-1-1 calls and have confirmed the times of those calls. These details and police logs also enabled us to determine that Gregory mcmichael called 9-1-1 from his son’s phone just before the murder. So, in this video, we used the real time when the events occurred. Thank you.


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