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BORIS Johnson is expected to confirm the easing of the UK lockdown today (May 28).

The Prime Minister and his team will seek expert advice from government scientists to verify whether it is safe to start relaxing measures before the press conference.

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  Boris Johnson hosts daily No 10 coronavirus briefing3
Boris Johnson hosts daily No 10 coronavirus briefingCredit: copyright crown

When is Boris Johnson’s next speech?

Boris Johnson will host tonight’s briefing (May 28) on No 10 coronavirus.

He will speak at 5 p.m.

He should be joined by Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Deputy Surgeon Jenny Harries.

The Prime Minister is expected to inform the British public about the lockout and review the relaxation of previous restrictions which included unlimited outdoor exercise.

The government has been forced to review the restrictions every three weeks since the lockout began nine weeks ago on March 23.

The last review took place on May 7 and the PM made some changes to these rules three days later on May 10.

There are a number of possible changes that could be included in the next review, some regarding public transportation and schools.

These changes may include:

  1. Schools – The government expects reception, grade 1 and 6 students to return to school starting June 1. Students will return to school in small groups to comply with social distancing measures. More announcements are expected on other age groups.
  2. Public transport – The government could announce the opening of more stations or bus routes, especially in cities.
  3. Sports and hobbies – Sporting and cultural events could take place behind closed doors and be broadcast.
  4. Retail – Non-essential retailers can reopen from June 1st. The government is about to issue advice to business owners on how to reopen them and when it will be safe to do so.

May 25

PM organized the briefing on coronaviruses with Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance.

Johnson has announced that foreign markets and car showrooms may open on June 1.

Johnson said, “Today I want to let the retail industry know of our plans to reopen the stores so that they too can prepare.”

He added: “Starting June 15, we plan to allow all other non-essential retailers … to reopen. “

He said this would only be allowed for premises “secured by Covid”.

Johnson said he wanted people to be “confident they can shop safely.”

He said the food retail industry has already responded “fantastically well” and “we will learn from this experience by allowing other retailers to open.”

He added: “These are careful but deliberate steps on the road to rebuilding our country. And we can only take these steps because of what we have accomplished so far together. “


May 22

Boris Johnson hosted the briefing with Robert Jenrick and Dr. Jenny Harries.

Speaking at the daily press conference in Downing Street, the Prime Minister reiterated the importance of social isolation.

Johnson also said that Britain is at the stage where “special measures must be taken” to protect the vulnerable and protect those in serious condition.

He said, “It will do more than any single measure to save lives.

“We have to do more to make sure that the existing measures we take have the effect we want. “

Speaking of social distancing, the Prime Minister warned people to stay away from the parks or face “additional and tougher measures.”

“Please follow the advice and don’t think fresh air gives immunity,” said Johnson.

“You have to stay 2 meters apart and practice social distance.

“Take this advice seriously and follow it, it is absolutely crucial.

“We will propose new measures if necessary. “


May 11

The Prime Minister discussed his plan to ease the lockdown, saying that the R-value was important in the battle to ease restrictions.

He also said that those who could not work from home should return to work if possible.

He said, “Those who cannot work from home should now speak to their employers about their return to work. “

Johnson has told the public that he can see people outside their households while staying on the sidelines, a first since the lockdown was imposed on the British on March 23.

Social bubbles & amp; COVID-19 by Boris Johnson explanation of the loosening of the lock


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