What is the Snyder Cup: explanation of the hashtag “Justice League”


Is this plan in the Snyder Cup?
Photo: Warner Bros.

The DC universe? I haven’t heard this name for years. Except when fans of a legendary director’s haircut come out of the woodwork to spark rumors that we need another version of Justice League. It happened in late 2019, when Wonder woman Actress Gal Gadot randomly tweeted “#ReleasetheSnyderCut” in November 2019, enticing fans (and Ben affleck and Ray fisher, who play Batman and Cyborg in the film) to join the demand. Zack Snyder – actually the Snyder to which she refers – even made his own ring appreciation. And it happened again before the launch of HBO Max in May 2020, the date that so many believers insist on bringing the cup to life on a streaming platform. But what? What are they even talking about? Original Snyder Cup Justice League is an almost mythical legend to which huge DC fans adhere, so those who are not as dedicated may not even know it is one thing. Could it really be released as a separate film? To be honest, we don’t know! So here are all the little things that we to do know the now infamous Snyder Cup of Justice League.


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