What does Saturn retrograde in Aquarius mean for your love Horoscope and relationships until 2023, according to astrology


Change always happens from top to bottom.

As our zodiac signs experience Saturn retrograde on May 11, we are beginning to understand that the biggest changes we can experience in our lives always start with the smallest of steps. And with Saturn in Aquarius during this transit, we can expect a strong impact.

Saturn is a planet known as the father of the zodiac, the master of borders, time and karma. Most importantly, Saturn also represents the lesson that we must learn to move in and consciously choose our destiny.

In astrology, Saturn is known as one of the big hitters of the zodiac because its power and effect on our lives are extremely powerful and far-reaching.

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But because this planet is known as the father of the zodiac, the lessons we learn from his hand are not always easy and often return to our own parental influence that we had when we were children.

This retrograde will particularly affect those who were born with their Saturn in Aquarius or Capricorn; however, it will affect us all – it just depends on the areas in which we need to develop and the areas we are trying to avoid.


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