What changes on May 4?


Although the latest home stay orders in the Bay Area now extend until May, the restrictions are a bit more relaxed – something that should make everyday life a little easier.

Here’s what you can and can’t do.

Can my gardener take care of my lawn?

Yes. Under the new extended order, outdoor businesses – including nurseries, landscaping and gardening – can reopen, provided social distancing protocols are followed.

Can I take my dog ​​to the dog park?

No. The dog parks will remain closed because they “encourage people to congregate,” according to the order.

Can I take my children to the playground again?

No. Recreational areas with equipment that a lot of people touch or areas where people tend to congregate, including playgrounds, outdoor gym equipment and picnic areas, will remain prohibited .

You can, however, take your family to an open space in a park and participate in sports or other activities if you maintain six feet between members of your household and others.

Can I travel for hiking or participate in other outdoor activities?

Yes, as long as you still practice appropriate social distancing.

San Mateo County is the only county in the Bay Area that limits the distance people can travel to participate in outdoor activities and exercise. Its ordinance states that county residents must not travel more than 10 miles from their residence for recreational purposes – and that people who live outside the county must not travel more than 10 miles for recreation in the county. from San Mateo.

Can I play tennis?

If you live in the counties of Alameda or Contra Costa, you will be allowed to play tennis and use other recreational grounds, such as skate parks.

The Alameda County website states that “outdoor recreation facilities that are not expressly prohibited by the College, such as golf courses, skate parks and sports fields, are only permitted to open only if they respect the access restrictions. “

But residents of San Francisco, San Mateo County, and Santa Clara County will not, according to their websites.

Can I play golf?

After more than a month of hot weather but closed golf courses, you can see some of the Bay Area courses starting to reopen next week.

The new Bay Area order allows golf courses to reopen as they meet the requirements for social distancing. And on Thursday, Governor Gavin Newsom issued new guidelines for the state’s house stay order for outdoor activities. Under the new guidelines, simple golf without a cart is permitted under state ordinance.

Can I take my children to a daycare center or summer camp?

Daycare centers, summer camps and schools or recreational facilities in the Bay Area may continue to provide childcare or supervision to parents who work in licensed essential or outdoor businesses to operate under the order. Establishments are not permitted to care for children of non-essential workers, such as employees working at home.

However, this type of care must be carried out in groups of 12 children or less. If multiple groups of children are cared for in the same facility, each group must stay in separate rooms, cannot change groups, and the supervisor must stay with the same group every day.

Can I have a play date with my children and others?

No. Group gatherings of adults or children from different households are still not allowed.

The only time a gathering of children is allowed is if a parent works in an essential business or a recently reopened outdoor business and places their children in a program at a daycare, summer camp or school. or a leisure institution.

Can I hire a babysitter?

Anyone in the Bay Area is allowed to hire a nanny or babysitter to provide home care for your children.


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