What Carlos Hyde’s signing means for the Seahawks roster


The Seahawks are said to have added veteran RB Carlos Hyde to a one-year contract. (Getty)

While acquiring star players can be a good thing for a team that aspires to return to the Super Bowl like the Seahawks are, getting a good player at a decent price is a great way to build a list of Super Bowl players .

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Seattle chief executive John Schneider completed the task on Friday when he signed a one-year deal with Carlos Hyde. According to Mike Silver of the NFL network, the Seahawks offered Devonta Freeman a one-year, $ 3 million contract. Freeman said no. He wanted a lot more. Silver reported on Friday afternoon that Freeman is ready to go through the season if his number is not reached.

The Seahawks got the message and caught Hyde. Although Freeman had more star power and was the best back, getting Hyde to an acceptable number was the best decision. If Chris Carson is healthy at the start of the season, Freeman would not be the starter. It would be Carson.

In addition, Freeman, who is the most talented on the street, will have a hard time getting seed money.

Personally, I think Hyde is best suited. The Seahawks needed to go back earlier than Freeman, who could have integrated into the decreasing passes. Hyde is 6 feet, 229 pounds. He just finished a 1,070-yard season in which he averaged 4.4 yards per carry.

The Seahawks can use Travis Homer or DeeJay Dallas during transmissions. Hyde had more than 900 sorting seasons in 2016 and 2017. Reports indicate that he can earn up to $ 4 million with incentives and playing time. He is 29 and has seven years of experience.

He’s the perfect insurance policy in case Carson has a problem and Rashaad Penny has trouble getting rid of his ACL injury.

Bringing back the veteran and bringing back Geno Smith as a reserve quarterback leaves Schneider with an acquisition on his to-do list. He needs a defensive tackle that stops the race. By not going overboard and signing Freeman for his prize, the Seahawks could win gold if they could land Damon “Snacks” Harrison.

Adding a wide receiver would be a bonus. Antonio Brown won’t be an option until July and August and I only give him a 5% chance of happening. As if they had gotten Hyde at a good price compared to Freeman, the signing of Josh Gordon would be an added bonus.

The Seahawks currently have enough receivers. They do not need to sign one, but Gordon is reapplying to waive his suspension. He tweeted that he lives and trains in Seattle. Thinking that he should be reinstated, Gordon should be able to sign at a decent price, much like the Hyde addition.

Gordon loved playing for the Seahawks in Seattle. The Seahawks loved it. After a suspension, Gordon could sign a contract that does not risk very much for the Seahawks if he has future problems.

Back in Hyde for a second, his signing probably eliminates the chance of Marshawn Lynch returning, but one thing you know about the Seahawks is that they don’t close the door to the talent market.

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