“What an absolute farce” Piers Morgan criticizes Dominic Raab for misapplying the lock rule


Piers Morgan criticized Dominic Raab for misapplying a crucial locking rule when he returned to hosting on Good Morning Britain.

After taking time for health reasons, it seems that the frank TV presenter has returned from rage and despair during the last lockdown announcements.

Piers, who has had a week off work due to coronavirus symptoms, but tested negative for the virus, did not hesitate to show his anger at Boris Johnson’s new “confusing” lock rules for England.

At national speed, the Prime Minister addressed the country on Sunday evening with changed restrictions and a new slogan “stay alert”.

However, Piers was furious with the new changes, telling viewers how he thought they could “endanger lives”.

Watch the video above to see the full rant from Piers

While discussing a BBC interview with Dominic Raab this morning, Piers was obviously the most worried about an update from the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs regarding people visiting their parents.

As long as people maintain the two-meter rule, the British could see their parents at the same time – it has been said.

But that has since been clarified by the government, which has said that you can only see one parent at a time.

Speaking to Mr. Raab, Mishal Husain of the BBC said, “Starting Wednesday, you can meet someone outside your home.

“Does this mean that you cannot meet two parents at the same time, for example parents?” “

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Raab replied, “What we are saying is that starting on Wednesday, people can go out to other people’s parks in their own homes.

“If, for example, if you go to the park and you can stay within two meters of each other, you might meet another member of your own household. “

Piers continued to complain to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for his bad advice and lambasted the ministers for not appearing on GMB.

“When Dominic Raab initially said you could see a parent,” he said. “Then he improved the Today program for both parents from a distance of two meters, the government has now clarified – you can’t. You can only see one.

“He was on the air this morning, not GMB because I would have asked him the follow-up question that would have given us the answers, but no he did not have time for us.

“So now the government has to apologize and clarify this Dominic Raab who just told tens of millions of people that they could go see their parents at the same time, now apparently you can’t. What a total shame. “

He had previously made fun of senior Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen, who had also followed directions poorly and suggested that Piers could see his two sons from a distance of two meters.

“What you just said is completely against the new rules,” he said.

Elsewhere, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon made it clear in an interview that the new rules only apply in England.

Mrs Sturgeon said that if you live in Scotland you have to follow the rules of the Scottish government and those in England should listen to Mr Johnson.

Piers continued his rant to co-host Susanna Reid after the interview ended.

“Now Dominic Raab tells us that millions of people can go to their parents. It will be total chaos, ”he said.

Susanna pointed out that many people desperately want to see their families.

Piers added, “It’s very nice, unless you kill them. I am sorry, but the Scottish Prime Minister believes that this would be life-threatening.

“What an absolute farce. Dangerous farce. ”

He then continued to mock the message “stay alert”, especially since it only applies in England and not in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

“We have to be careful what you talk about Boris, because you change every three minutes,” he added.

“So why don’t you manage and alert your own office number 10? Because this message is dangerous. ”


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