West Brom and Leeds United received promotion boost after historic EFL vote


West Bromwich Albion would be promoted if the championship followed the precedent set by the Ligue two clubs.

In a landmark decision today, Ligue 2 clubs voted unanimously to end their season early, two months after the games were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

An indicative vote decided that three clubs will automatically be promoted to Ligue 1 as usual, the play-offs will always take place to decide the fourth place in promotion and no team will be relegated to the National League.

The BBC reports that the final draw for the league should be decided using a points-per-match method as some clubs wish to be weighted and others unweighted.

If either system were used to decide the championship, Albion would be promoted to the Premier League behind Leeds United.

The Ligue 2 clubs still have nine or 10 games to play while each second level team has nine games to play.

The Ligue 1 clubs, meanwhile, will hold further talks on Monday after failing to agree to end the season earlier.

Slaven Bilic’s team is six points ahead of third-placed Fulham as they strive for a return to the Premier League.

Championship clubs were asked this week not to resume training until May 25 before a potential restart in June, but if this is not possible, a point-per-match system could be used to decide the table .

Under the weighted method, an average would be established separately for home and away games and multiplied by 23 – the number of home or away games in a season – to eliminate bias for clubs. who have played more home games.

The EFL has since issued a statement confirming its preference for an unweighted system to be used if the season is interrupted.


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