West Brom and Leeds United receive huge promotion – from Liverpool and Man United


The Premier League elite are pushing for relegation to be implemented in a boost for West Bromwich Albion and Leeds United.

At a meeting on Friday, clubs were informed of details of a plan to play the remaining Premier League matches this season in neutral stadiums.

As part of the “restart project” proposal, the remaining 92 games would be played between eight and ten fields across the country, with no team playing at home.

Although the idea seems to have received the support of the majority of the members – requiring a vote of 14 to 6 to be implemented – information published in the national press affirms that certain clubs would accept the plan only if the threat of relegation was removed.

Some parties believe that playing under unknown conditions would not be a fair way to settle the relegation battle.

However, the so-called “Big Six” pointed out the reasons why the campaign should be ended during a presentation at the meeting on Friday.

In response to reservations from some clubs regarding the end of the season on neutral sites, the Daily Mail reports that the best teams have gathered.

They vote as a block and demand guarantees that promotion and relegation will always be implemented, the report said.

It is claimed that they are furious with the opposition on certain sides and will press for the usual rules to apply even if the season is shortened.

“They threaten to destroy football just to avoid the risk of relegation,” said an unnamed executive. “Their thinking is so shortsighted. “

It was reported over the weekend that Bournemouth, Brighton, Watford and West Ham strongly opposed calls to resume action.

West Brom follows Leeds United in the championship, but the two clubs appear set to win automatic promotion to the top.

Albion has nine games to play and currently has a healthy six-point cushion for Fulham, third.


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