We have to start wondering if the “rigid upper lip” is still relevant


Britain must begin to question whether the “rigid upper lip” is relevant in the modern world, the Duke of Cambridge will say in a future documentary.

The Duke, who will appear next week in the BBC’s “Football, Prince William and our Mental Health”, will speak about the importance for men to be able to express their emotions to build a healthy life.

In the Radio Times magazine, the company’s royal correspondent, Nicholas Witchell, detailed “the duke’s belief that too rigid an internalization of emotions – so often like Great Britain with a rigid upper lip – harms psychological well-being. “

The Duke will say in the program, “We have to start asking ourselves if this is relevant in today’s world. “

The documentary, made over the course of a year, will be Duke’s most in-depth look at mental health and is part of a larger project to use football to encourage men to talk about their emotions.


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