“We are all they have:” In a hospital in north Houston, overworked staff provide critical viral care


If the woman had opened her eyes, she would have met the gaze of her nurse through a small opening in protective clothing.

The coronavirus patient at North Houston Hospital reportedly saw the nurse’s iris move to the doctor who replaced an IV in the groin, now stained with blood. She moans. The nurse leaned toward him.

“Hold my hand, you’re almost done,” said Jerusha Harshman, pushing her like a mother to a moaning child. ” I know. “

Staff barely spoke while caring for the elderly African American patient, who contracted the virus during dialysis and lives in a nursing home. When they spoke, they raised their voices above the echoes of their masks, face shields and hoods.

It was the 30th day for doctors and nurses in the COVID-19 unit at the United Memorial Medical Center.

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