Watch Zion, Jayson Tatum and Elena Delle Donne Recreate Gatorade “Be Like Mike” Announcement | Laundress Report


Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls drinks Gatorade at a press conference in Chicago, August 8, 1991. Gatorade, owned by the Quaker Oats Co., has announced that it has signed a long-term contract with Jordan to represent the company in advertising, promotions and public appearances. (Photo AP / Mark Elias)

Mark Elias / Associated Press

The last dance the documentary makes us all want to be a little bit more like Mike.

Even professional athletes.

Zion Williamson, Elena Delle Donne and Jayson Tatum helped recreate Gatorade’s famous “Be Like Mike” commercial with Michael Jordan, originally aired in 1992.

Willamson and Tatum each threw dunks, while Delle Donne unleashed a pass.

The trio, which filmed footage of their own homes, provided a reminder of one of the most memorable basketball ads and jingles of the Chicago Bulls era.

Over the years, many aspired to reproduce the movements of its air, but there can only be one Jordan.


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