WARMINGTON: Time to Remove the Bolt Cutters and Unlock Ontario


Who knows whose dreams are stolen thanks to this padlock on a neighborhood basketball court.

While Mayor John Tory and Premier Doug Ford make it a priority to work with the Toronto Raptors to restart their Drake-sponsored training facility, there is no sign that the locks will come off the courts local basketball courts in any neighborhood anytime soon.

Or the elimination of the yellow ribbon around the swings and playgrounds.

Ontario is locked up and locked up. Thanks to COVID-19, real prisoners have been released from prison while good citizens now feel imprisoned.

Families in small apartments with children are stuck inside most of the time. They cannot go to see the cherry blossoms without being stopped at the armed and barricaded border control posts. And if they dare to shoot a ball in an empty basket, they risk a fine of $ 1,000.

The mayor says about 500 by-laws have been distributed – but none to himself or the medical workers he was filmed from within two meters. None, either, to the municipal officers of Trinity-Bellwoods Park on patrol looking for offenders at a physical distance without respecting the six-foot rule themselves.

While putting a zero tolerance hammer on cluster dog walkers, Tory defended city officials making selfies with fenced cherry blossoms that no one else in the city is allowed to enjoy and would get a ticket for .

It is clear, in an age of restraint and emptying of the Canadian economy, that there are two sets of rules: one for the political class, none of which has been laid off or is bankrupt, and everyone else who has trouble paying their rent and bills.

People now accept hypocrisy.

When I wrote about Ford telling people not to go to their cottages while he was still driving his, the hate mail said, “How dare someone attack the Prime Minister for going to the cottage, he said he was not going because it was just for an hour to check. “

Exactly. Of course, he should be able to go. He and the others shouldn’t have told the others that they couldn’t. Everyone should also be able to take control of their lives and not put their future in the hands of doctors who are not doing well.

Trinity Bellwoods Park municipal law enforcement officers do not appear to be following the social distancing protocols they are there to enforce on Thursday, May 7, 2020.

Stan behal /

Toronto Sun / Postmedia Network

There has never been a personal attack on anyone mentioned here. Ford has done a remarkable job, as has Tory and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. However, they all had time to change the rules they impose on everyone.

Now they have to learn from the regular audience they don’t always trust. People do incredible things.

For example, the Heroes’ Road ceremonies brought together dozens of people and distanced themselves socially better than municipal officers.

The second lieutenant’s coffin. Abbigail Cowbrough – one of six Canadian Armed Forces members killed in a helicopter crash off the coast of Greece – travels along the Heroes’ Route while a group of Canadians are standing at attention on Avenue Rd. bridge in Toronto, Ontario, Wednesday, May 6, 2020.

Stan behal /

Toronto Sun / Postmedia Network

What if the people who brought that giant flag onto Rd. Bridge Avenue heard Ford not go?

If you look at the photo of sun photographer Stan Behal, one thing that would not have happened is the family member of a fallen hero waving a thank-you from the limousine window after the six hearses.

Seeing this emotional moment was worth the risk of a fine.

The moral of the story is that it’s time to relax. More tickets, more municipal officers, more fences and more closed businesses. Security measures are enough now.

May Fuentes is carrying her son Victor, 4, away from the fenced cherry blossoms of Trinity Bellwoods Park on Thursday, May 7, 2020.

Stan behal /

Toronto Sun / Postmedia Network

People know what to do and have done their part. Leaders must work as hard for ordinary people and small businesses as they do for the NBA, the NHL, and the big grocery and box stores.

Remember on Mother’s Day, May Fuentes only went out with her four-year-old son Victor twice in 40 days in the park because she follows the leadership of Ford and Tory and obeys the cops.

It’s time to take the boot off the audience’s neck – and find some bolt cutters.

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