Walt Disney World Questions Customers About Face Mask Requirements and Health and Safety Procedures Before Park Reopens


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Reading any comments section on posts regarding the use of face masks or the new strict health and safety guidelines in the parks will make it clear that these new protocols are at least dissident among park goers. There are guests who are afraid that other guests may not wear masks or adhere to the new regulations, and guests who do not feel embarrassed by all the new rules. In any case, Disney wants to see what future customers think about the issue in order to guide any future decision on the reopening of the park. Customers leaving Disney Springs throughout the week received a QR code to scan and complete a survey. Now Disney continues with a second survey to gather even more detailed responses.

One of the questions asks clients whether they think the set of new health and safety procedures is adequate and to what extent. Is it fair, not enough or too much?

Following this question, they asked whether the same set of health and safety procedures, if implemented in Walt Disney World theme parks, would affect customers’ willingness to visit the parks. Would you be more willing, less willing or unchanged in your willingness to visit the theme parks?

Finally, Disney is asking questions about controversial face masks and whether the requirement for masks for your entire party will have an impact on your desire to visit again.

Walt Disney World is expected to submit reopening plans to the county this coming week, so it looks like they are finalizing all the requirements to be included as part of their presentation and proposal. Universal Orlando, which presented its plans this week – and received almost immediate approval for a reopening on June 5 – will require masks for all of its guests. People with disabilities who prevent them from wearing a face covering will be referred to client services to discuss alternatives and / or possible accommodations. For a complete overview of all new directives and operational changes leading to their reopening on June 5, click here.

Currently, face masks are required for all guests over the age of 3 to enter Disney Springs.


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