Walking management requests peak in Ottawa as temperatures rise: Apple Mobility Trends


Ottawa residents looking for fresh air during the COVID-19 pandemic asked Siri for new walking routes over the weekend as temperatures warmed up.

Apple’s Mobility Trends report shows an increase in requests for walking directions on the Apple Maps app over the past week.

On Friday and Saturday, requests for directions were the highest since the COVID-19 pandemic, and calls for physical distance began in mid-March.

Ottawa Public Health encouraged people to go out for distance physical walks, races and bike rides during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple’s Mobility Trends report examines route requests using Apple Maps on devices during the COVID-19 pandemic. Data is compared to a base volume of requests defined on January 13.

In Ottawa, requests for walking directions on Apple Maps were 35% below the baseline on Friday, May 1. This is the lowest percentage below baseline since the start of the pandemic.

As temperatures reached 20 ° C on Saturday May 2, requests for walking directions on Apple Maps were 36% below the baseline.

On April 28, when the temperature rose to 15.4 ° C, requests for walking directions were 37% below the baseline.

The largest difference between the baseline and walking directions on Apple Maps was March 29, 74% below the baseline.

Driving directions

On Friday, the demand for driving directions on Apple Maps reached its highest level since mid-March.

Apple’s Mobility Trends report says route demand was 37% lower than the baseline on May 1, the lowest since March 16.

On Saturday, requests for driving directions fell 47% below the baseline.

Across Canada, demand for walking routes is down 30% from the baseline, while driving directions are down 32% from the baseline.

Transit demand for Apple Maps declined 78% in Canada.


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