Wacky High Tech Gifts for Mother’s Day – Vibrating Bracelets, Virtual Classes with the Best Chefs and Wi-Fi “Friendship Lights”


There are no rules for Mother’s Day during a pandemic or any other year, but there are ways to use technology to say surprisingly connected.
Spending on Mother’s Day is expected to reach $ 26.7 billion this year, up from $ 25 billion last year, according to the National Retail Federation, the highest level in the 17-year-old industry survey. This year, nearly 8,300 adults were interviewed between April 1 and April 6. They are expected to spend $ 205 each on gifts and parties this day, $ 8 more than last year.

Diane Gottsman, author of Modern Etiquette for a Better Life, and founder of The Protocol School of Texas, said Mother’s Day shouldn’t be until May 10, but advises to plan now. “The label for Mother’s Day is that you are doing your best,” she said. “What would be hurtful is forgetting mom completely – you want to make sure she feels recognized and appreciated. “

“Regardless of what’s going on in the world, Mother’s Day gifts should be something memorable and individualized. “

– Elaine Swann, founder of The Swann School of Protocol

It doesn’t mean rushing to Amazon
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or other sites to buy gifts that cost a lot of money, especially when up to 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the past month and a half due to the economic impact of COVID- 19, respiratory disease caused by the new SARS coronavirus -CoV-2.

“Regardless of what’s going on in the world, Mother’s Day gifts should be something memorable and individualized,” added Elaine Swann, founder of The Swann School of Protocol in Carlsbad, California. At a time when many families are separated, she suggests a digital montage of photographic or even video memories, said Swann.
Another way to show your appreciation: make one of your favorite foods so your mom doesn’t have to cook, if you live nearby, or just share one of your favorite books with her. If you don’t live close to each other, you can ship her baked goods or have a food delivery service run errands for her. Here are other ideas for your mom on this Mother’s Day:

1. Long distance friendship lamp

This trick works by connecting to your Wi-Fi. Each time you wave your hand over it, your mother’s lamp will generate the same color and she will know that you are thinking of her (and vice versa). There is a 20% reduction on the price indicated (below) in a sale for Mother’s Day.
Sold on Etsy for $ 80 each.

2. Bond Touch bracelets

While this is not a substitute for a hug in person, wearing these bracelets can have an effect from all over the world. Press the bracelet twice and your mom will feel two hits on her wrist that are supposed to mimic your touch. You will also be notified when you miss a key via the app.
A set of two bands is sold on Amazon for $ 98

3. Virtual cooking class

If you can’t take mom out for a meal in person, why not cook one with her? On The Chef & the Dish, you book a Skype cooking class with the best chefs from around the world. They will provide you with a shopping list in advance. (Online delivery services will send her all the ingredients she needs.)
Classes start at $ 299 each and last 2.5 hours. You can find more details about the courses here.

4. Book of the month

For each month, your mom can select five new books to get lost. You can join her for a special rate of $ 9.99 per month. If you or your mom prefer to take your time to read a book, you can skip a month without being charged before you receive your next shipment.
Gift plans start at $ 49.99 for a three-month subscription.

5. Fitbit

Make sure mom gets her steps by doing daily challenges on the app (if you also own a Fitbit
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). Fitbit now offers free 90-day trials of Fitbit Premium that generate personalized health information, workout plans, and relaxation tools.
Fitbit trackers start at $ 49.95.


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