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Vince Carter has played against many elite players in his long NBA career, but ranks Michael Jordan as the best of all time.

The 22-year-old NBA veteran ranked Jordan # 1, Kobe Bryant # 2 and LeBron James # 3 in the latest episode of All the smoke (conversation starts at 27:25):

I have to go with MJ, “said Carter.

The 43-year-old has the rare privilege of facing all three in his career, but his decision seemed to come down to the success of the final.

“People are always talking about the percentage of earnings, now is the time to talk about the percentage of earnings,” he said.

Jordan’s Chicago Bulls won their six games in the NBA final, while Bryant was 5-2 in the final. James only has three wins in his nine trips to the NBA Finals.

Despite what appear to be fights against LeBron, Carter acknowledged that the argument was not final.

“Wait until everything is said and done and it is fair to have a real debate,” he said. “…Let’s see what LeBron does and how it all works and let’s go from there. ”

Matt Barnes argued that James could rise in the rankings if he takes a third NBA title franchise.

LeBron has already won titles with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat, while the Lakers had the best record in the Western Conference (49-14) before the season was suspended due to the coronavirus.

As long as he remains in good health, he could have several other opportunities to reach the final and possibly add more championships to his CV. The 35-year-old can also continue to add individual distinctions after already finishing third in all points and eighth in total assists.

Yet Jordan is currently at the top of the list for Carter after a career that has earned him five MVP Awards and 10 notable titles in addition to his six championships.

Bryant, who started his career just two years before Carter, remains second with five rings and 18 star selections.


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