Video players ready for the Euro 2020 electronic tournament


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                L'Euro 2020 a peut-être été rayé du calendrier en raison d'un coronavirus, mais la version du jeu vidéo de l'UEFA eTournament démarre malgré tout samedi.

Au lieu de Kylian Mbappe, Harry Kane ou Cristiano Ronaldo courir autour du terrain, les joueurs vont le frapper, contestant le premier eEuro de leurs fauteuils.

“The weight of all this is on our shoulders,” said the 21-year-old Frenchman Lotfi Derradji, originally from the Parisian suburbs but “plays” for Monaco where he was crowned champion of France in 2018.

“We don’t represent France on the pitch but on the console, we get huge support,” said Walid Rachid Tebane, international teammate and club Derradji, who won the European individual title in June 2019.

“We are disappointed that the euros have been rolled over, but at the same time it is attracting more attention,” added Derradji, who played with French international striker – and avid gamer – Antoine Griezmann.

These two esports professionals in glasses earn between 2,000 and 6,000 euros per month, but can increase this with the 40,000 euros to be won this weekend and its commercial ties.

Electronic version

Using a Playstation console, group matches are a single two-on-two contest.

The matches in the knockout stages will be the best of three competitions and a mix of one against one and two against two. The final will be the best of the five.

“A Kylian Mbappe will always be more fluid to play than a Mitroglou but in the game he is no better than him,” said Derradji, referring to Kostas Mitroglou, a Greek striker who is in Marseille books.

“It will never replace real football, let’s not get carried away.

“It is not always easy to convince people of an event where the competitors are sitting. “

But the popularity of online games like Fortnite and League of Legends among young people is seen by UEFA as a sign that the landscape is changing.

UEFA marketing director Guy-Laurent Epstein says the lockout has been a boon for eSports.

“The (games and emergence of players) represent an opportunity to be seized,” he said.

“We have seen an explosion of events in the past few months as it represents an alternative for sports fans,” he told AFP.

“And some of them attracted a large audience. “

He added: “We are hoping for a minimum of four million viewers over the weekend. “

“We have seen that private sports fans watch esports competitions even if they have never done so before. “




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