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Victor Oladipo is said to have received an insulting offer from Pacers


Victor Oladipo and the Indiana Pacers are in interesting negotiations.

Victor Oladipo cemented himself like a true NBA star until a brutal knee injury kept him off the Indiana Pacers list for almost a year. As it stands, Oladipo still has a year on his contract after this season and it remains to be seen whether the Pacers will be able to keep him or not. Oladipo is currently signed for a 4-year contract worth $ 84 million and based on his game, one would think his next contract would be worth much more.

Well, according to Ian Begley of SNY, that is not the case. As he reports, before the start of this season, Oladipo was offered a 4-year contract worth only $ 80 million, which would be a cut in salary. Rumor has it that Oladipo was insulted by the offer and immediately refused it.

Victor Oladipo

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Given Oladipo’s injury and the uncertainty surrounding it, it is not surprising that the Pacers accepted such a lowball offer. They have many important contracts on the list right now and they have to do everything in their power to cut costs for the coming seasons.

However, if Oladipo and the Pacers cannot find a solution, there is a chance that he may land elsewhere for the 2021-2022 season.



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