VE Day Lockout Fines Announced as Grove Hill Party Response Investigated


Investigations are underway into the policing of a VE Day party that has been criticized on social media.

Cleveland police went to Woodville Avenue in the Grove Hill neighborhood of Middlesbrough amid reports that people were flouting the rules of social distancing.

After hundreds of complaints on social media, the mayor of Middlesbrough Andy Preston responded on Twitter.

He said, “I spoke to the police who interacted with them several times and said it was cheerful and fairly well organized with no major problems. “

But many people have said that the images clearly show that some people during the VE day celebrations did not follow the rules.

Cleveland Police Chief Assistance Officer Lisa Orchard said they were further investigating the police during the incident.

“The officers went down this street throughout the day to make sure people were part of the social distance and to engage with those involved in VE Day celebrations to remind them of government directives” she said.

“Investigations are under way to determine how the incident was monitored that day and whether lessons can be learned in the future. “

The senior officer said that Cleveland police had received 1,167 calls to his control room on Victory Day.

And 500 of those calls were high priority incidents.

Yesterday, during the celebrations, 33 warnings were given to the public as well as three fixed penalty notices in Middlesbrough, Stockton, Redcar and Cleveland and Hartlepool.

Lisa Orchard, Deputy Chief Constable of the Cleveland Police

“It added to our daily policing tasks,” said Ms. Orchard.

She said it was understandable that people would find it difficult during celebrations and good weather, but reminded the public that the government had not lifted the restrictions.

“A majority of people adhere to the rules and I want to thank them for doing so, but a small minority of people are not, and these are the people who put the lives of people at risk,” he said. she declared.

“We ask people to take social distances and only go out when it is essential.

“Collaboration with the public is our main goal and the app will only be used when necessary. “

“Officers have been strict with their Covid-19 police and hundreds of fixed penalty notices have been distributed throughout this pandemic,” added Ms. Orchard.

“Those who continue to flout the rules will be arrested. “

A flag for the NHS at Woodville Avenue

Middlesbrough has the third highest infection rate in the country, while Cleveland police have imposed one of the highest fines in the UK.

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