Vaccines, 5G, Bill Gates: why are Australians coming together to spread conspiracy theories on coronaviruses? | Media


Anti-foreclosure protests in Australia over the weekend have imitated some of the conspiracy theories and the language of similar protests in the United States, according to a disinformation researcher, but are unlikely to grow due to the limited group size in Australia.

Over 100 people gathered outside Parliament in Victoria and a small crowd gathered in Sydney to protest blockages, “tracking apps” and vaccines.

The weekend protests were promoted on various Facebook groups linked to marginal conspiracy groups, including QAnon and various anti-vaxxers, with numerous signs at protests targeting Microsoft founder Bill Gates for his work on vaccines – a popular target for conspiracy theorists.

It is understood that Facebook has deleted events encouraging people to break the rules of physical distancing, and on one of the pages promoting the demonstrations, several messages have been deleted for violating Facebook guidelines.


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