US kills Telegram cryptocurrency to maintain dollar dominance as Durov concedes defeat in ‘generation battle’ – RT World News


    Telegram a été contraint d'abandonner son initiative de crypto-monnaie, son fondateur Pavel Durov critiquant les États-Unis pour avoir tenté d'écraser toute tentative de décentralisation afin de maintenir sa domination financière mondiale.

Le fondateur de Telegram et natif de Saint-Pétersbourg, Pavel Durov, a annoncé mardi son transfert dans sa propre chaîne Telegram, exposant le projet de cryptographie - le Telegram Open Network (TON) et sa devise, connue sous le nom de "Grammes" - devrait être fermé.

“Unfortunately, an American court prevented TON from happening”, Durov said, adding that the court had ruled “People shouldn’t be allowed to buy or sell Grams like they can buy or sell Bitcoins. “

Perhaps even more paradoxically, the American court declared that Grams could not be distributed not only in the United States, but in the whole world. Why? Because, he said, an American citizen could find a way to access the TON platform after it is launched.

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As the project started last year and Telegram raised $ 1.7 billion from sales of the future crypto, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sued the company in federal court, arguing that she had engaged “Current illegal offer of digital asset titles.” The agency also obtained an emergency prohibition order prohibiting Telegram from continuing to sell the currency, creating major legal obstacles to the initiative that led to the recent decision.

“Today, we are in a vicious circle: you cannot bring more balance to a world that is too centralized, precisely because it is so centralized. We still tried, “ Durov said, adding that Washington controls the “Global financial system” and can force ubiquitous tech giants like Google and Apple to serve its program.

The United States can use its control over the dollar and the global financial system to close any bank or bank account in the world … So yes, it is true that other countries do not have full sovereignty over this that must be authorized on their territory.

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According to the technology entrepreneur, TON was designed to “Share the principles of decentralization developed by Bitcoin and Ethereum”, but would have higher speed and scalability when integrated with Telegram, allowing “For an open, free and decentralized exchange of values ​​and ideas.” The project ceases to exist, with Durov “Wishing good luck to all those who are fighting for decentralization, balance and equality in the world. “

We hope you will succeed where we have failed.

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