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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on CNN
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on CNN’s New Day on May 6. CNN

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has criticized President Trump for “turning his back” on the country’s largest city because of his partisan affiliation. De Blasio said the city lost $ 7.4 billion and there is no guarantee of financial assistance from the federal government.

” It’s surprising that [Trump] even introduces the question of red states and blue states. He says it out loud. He politicizes a pandemic. Don’t be patriotic, don’t talk about all Americans and how to get together, ”said de Blasio in an interview with John Berman of CNN.

De Blasio called for a fourth federal stimulus package to finance cities and states.

“What we need is a stimulus that gets us all back together so that we can succeed together,” said de Blasio. “… If there is not a strong fourth stimulus for cities and the state, there will be no national economic recovery, period. “

If he doesn’t understand, the mayor said he may be forced to leave or fire people who have been at the heart of the resumption of the coronavirus pandemic – first responders, police, firefighters and teachers.

“I have already lost $ 7.4 billion and my economy cannot return until I receive this stimulus and return to normal and provide basic services. It’s a Catch-22. No recovery, no recovery, “said de Blasio.

If the president announced that the country needed a fourth stimulus to help finance cities and states, de Blasio said, the Senate would go online and work on it immediately.

While de Blasio has also said he wants New York children to go back to school in September, the city is not yet ready to abandon social distancing guidelines.

“We are not there yet to start easing the restrictions,” he said.

De Blasio warned the rest of the country to remain vigilant.

“Right now, what I fear is that there is a rush to reopen – in some places at least – that will end up losing people without having to lose their lives,” he said. -he declares.

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