‘Upset’ – Birmingham City favorite makes huge admission to Manchester United


Former Birmingham City starlet Ravel Morrison admits he is “upset” that he has not tapped his vast potential further.

Last weekend, Morrison was praised by former Manchester United teammate Wayne Rooney, who said that as a young man, the Mancunien was a better prospect than other Carrington Academy prospects, Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard.

And today he responded to those comments – and others made recently by Rio Ferdinand who said he should have become a £ 100 million player – in a revealing interview with talkSPORT.

The striker, who spent a productive season on loan under Lee Clark in Birmingham City in 2012/2013, admitted that he had not done his best – and to past mistakes on attitude and application .

Indeed, for all the glittering clubs on his resume – he is currently on loan to Middlesbrough by Sheffield United – he even had an unsuccessful Blues trial in the summer of 2017 – when Harry Redknapp was unwilling to pay what Lazio demanded.

“Obviously incredible comments,” Morrison told talkSPORT.

“Especially for the player he is, he is probably one of the best to come out of England, so these are high comments from a top player.

“It makes you a little angry that I could have gone a little further. I should have gone a little further. I still hope to go a little further.

“But for the likes of Pogba and Jesse; I think the two great players. I think we had a great team, [born] around the years 92 and 93, this period of our year.

“I knew I had abilities, but I didn’t realize it and didn’t understand … they are obviously top players and I didn’t understand their thoughts at the time.

Birmingham City training at SV Stegersbach in Austria, with players at their training camp, with Ravel Morrison

“It was everyday football when I was young. I just went there and I love to play football.

“When you go to a football field. The training ground, everything else in your life doesn’t matter, you just think about soccer, you like soccer and you have fun.

“The whole negativity of my life was blocked during the three hours I was in training.

“I wouldn’t say I fought the pressure because I didn’t really feel the pressure,” added Morrison.

“Maybe some things in my life, when I was young, now I would sit there and not do things or follow a different path and stuff like that.

Ravel Morrison, who was allowed to harass his ex-girlfriend.

“Entering Manchester United was a pleasant environment for everyday, world class players, just nice.

“I would say that I have let myself go in these areas – attitude and mentality.

“If I could start my life over, there would be many things I would change.

“I grew up at United, I have been there for less than 9 years. I skipped the training for a few days, and woke up without knowing why I did it, but I skipped it. And it’s hard to get away from the training ground now.

“It was ten years ago, obviously it will always remain around me, if I were to move in the summer, I am almost sure that someone from the press would bring out a certain negativity from ten years ago .

These are my own mistakes, something I have to hold my hand and keep going, I would prefer it not because it was when I was 16-17 years old, now I am 27 years old.

“Certainly, I haven’t shown my best yet, I’ve shown what I can do to West Ham and QPR – in the second half of the season when we were promoted with QPR but other than that, I didn’t haven’t really had a racing game for the seasons

“I moved to Lazio and struggled to adapt to the culture, but it turned me from a boy into a man.

“I love sports, I love to play football, I have traveled the world of work, wherever I can play football, I will do it because I love playing football.

“I do everything for the love of sport but it is to support my family, my mother, she has had difficult moments in her life. “


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