United Airlines Offers Passengers Face Masks and Hand Sanitizing Wipes


Passengers boarding a United Airlines flight will receive a package containing a face mask and hand sanitizing wipes, the airline said. United is now joining a list of other American carriers that are stepping up their disinfection habits to show potential customers that it is safe to fly again.

United CEO Oscar Munoz said on Monday that the United Clean Plus kits also contain a snack and a bottle of water. The masks are intended for passengers who do not already have their own, he said.

United last month started demanding passengers wear face masks, with Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

Airlines have been particularly hard hit in recent weeks Coronavirus pandemic. Delta, JetBlue Airways and Southwest all saw passengers cancel flights a few days after COVID-19 cases started to increase in March. Lower bookings hurt quarterly profits for some airlines. The entire industry could lose $ 21 billion in revenue this year, said the International Air Transport Association.


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