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Trains, buses and transport interchanges could also be fitted with a hand sanitizer, hand washing being more important than wearing face masks, he suggested.

Adam Marshall, Managing Director of British Chambers of Commerce, said that the question of whether employers would be held accountable even if they fulfilled their obligations was one of the “key questions we asked” after the proposed plans surfaced.

Marshall told BBC Radio 4 Today: “We need as much specifics as possible so that businesses can make sure they have taken all possible steps to protect their employees.

“And as much as possible, we want to see consistency across the UK, it would be very confusing and costly for business if we saw different nations going in very different directions. They (the bosses) will want to know that they will not be held responsible for horrible things that can unfortunately happen if they have done everything in their power to keep their employees safe.

“Whereas, on the other hand, you would like employers who have not taken adequate measures to suffer the consequences, so the issue of legal liability is extremely important. “

Rachel Reeves, the fictitious minister in the Cabinet Office, said the public “deserves to be informed” of a detailed plan to ease the lockdowns.

She told BBC Breakfast, “The government has to put in place a series of measures – be it mass community testing, contact tracing and also things like potentially face covers.

She said, “But I also think that the public that has massively followed these very strict lock rules in the past few weeks deserves to be leveled and also wants some hope for the future, which is why we urge the government to give much more detail, and face masks are one of them. “

Boris Johnson will say at an international conference on Monday that the coronavirus vaccine is “the most urgent shared endeavor of our lives.” He will urge countries to come together and share their expertise to fight the virus.

Prime Minister co-hosts international pledging conference on global coronaviruses. In addition to the UK, eight other countries and organizations are also co-hosting the forum on Monday, which aims to provide more than $ 8 billion (£ 6.4 billion) in funding to support the global response.

Johnson should say, “To win this battle, we must work together to build an impregnable shield around all of our people and this can only be achieved by developing and mass-producing a vaccine.”

President Donald Trump said on Sunday evening that he expected a vaccine to be developed before the end of the year, although experts around the world said it could take 12 to 18 months.

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