UK housing market to reopen for ‘socially distant’ property visits | Silver


The housing market in England has been given the green light to reopen after seven weeks of foreclosure, with tenants and buyers allowed to move in and view the properties as long as they are within a physical distance.

Under the new regulations, key activities related to the move will be allowed, allowing real estate agents to return to work.

The rules, which take effect on Wednesday, represent a substantial change in that the UK housing market had been virtually frozen during the foreclosure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, with almost half a million people estimated to be unable to do so. advance their move plans.

People were only allowed to go home where it was “reasonably necessary,” officers were prohibited from listing new properties, and house hunters were only able to visit online.

In late April, Zoopla, an online SEO agency, said there were 373,000 property transactions worth £ 82 billion pending in the UK. He said the majority of these sales were made between November 2019 and February 2020, and are expected to close between April and June.

New sales agreed at the end of April have fallen by around 90% levels recorded at the beginning of March, he said, With the drop in sales rate peaking on March 23, the day’s lockdown measures were applied.

Under changes to health protection regulations (coronavirus, restrictions) in England, a reasonable excuse to be away from home will be expanded to include visiting property or rental agents, visiting residential properties, preparing a residential property to move in or sell, or to move house.

Buyers, tenants, sellers and real estate agents may need to take extra precautions, including keeping a gap of 2 meters during visits.

This comes after Boris Johnson said on Sunday evening that the government is now actively encouraging people to return to work as part of the early stages of the economic recovery.

Robert Jenrick, the secretary to the communities, said that the moving companies, carriers and real estate agents could restart their operations with immediate effect. He said the government estimates that more than 450,000 buyers and tenants have not been able to move forward with their move plans since March.


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