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On Monday, Wales and Northern Ireland will experience a bright and sunny start, while the rest of the UK will be relatively cloudy with sunny periods in general. Things seem a little wetter in the east, however, with heavy showers and a cold wind.

The north will also be cool around Monday evening, while in the southwest there will be strong local wind and possibly even thunder overnight.

But for the north, Tuesday seems largely sunny and dry.

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Wednesday and Friday will see temperatures rise, Wednesday being particularly sunny around London.

As of Friday, the city could experience a high of around 22 ° C, according to WX Charts – the same as Nice in southeast France.


Temperatures are expected to be as high as Nice this week (Image: WX Graphics)


Warm UK Weather Forecast: Flood warnings are in place in parts of the south today. (Image: WX graphics)

It should be warmest around 4 p.m., although the air is still warm at the end of the evening – around 4 ° C.

The Met Office said on its website: “A bright, sunny start for Wales and Northern Ireland, otherwise quite cloudy with mostly sunny spells. A few showers over the east of England, with a few showers this afternoon.

“Tonight it will be cold in the north with a local frost. Cloudy and windy in the far southwest with local gusts as well as heavy rain and possibly thunder later in the night.

“Tuesday is sunny and dry for most of the northern regions. Heavy rain, strong winds and possibly thunder to start in the southwest, subsiding later in the morning.

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UK hot weather forecast: things could be wet in the east on Monday (Image: WX Graphics)

“The forecast for Wednesday to Friday includes a few showers continuing in the west Wednesday and Thursday, possibly developing more widely on Friday. Otherwise, mostly dry and hot with sunny periods. “

A spokesperson for Netweather added that the high pressure will bring sunny spells towards the end of the week.

They said: “Strong pressure will rise from the north on Monday, bringing a largely dry day with sunny periods, although a few showers are likely in the north and east of England, especially in the morning.

“Tuesday will likely see a frontal system with heavy rain outbreaks trying to spread across the south against high pressure building up through the north.

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graph 3

Warm UK weather forecast: There should be a bright, sunny start for Wales and NI. (Image: WX Graphics)

“Clouds and rain will return to the nearby mainland by Wednesday, with high pressure near or over the UK dominating the weather for the rest of the week, so Wednesday and Thursday are mostly dry and fine with sunny periods, warmer also with light winds.

“Most of the air looks dry on Friday too, but we can see showers coming in from the west as the high pressure starts to recede, but some uncertainty about it. “

Pollen counts will generally be low throughout the week until Thursday, particularly in the north – although average counts are reported for much of the south on Wednesday as temperatures rise.

So for parts of the UK, this week will see a return in April, which was the sunniest April on record in the UK.

graph 2

Warm UK weather forecast: Despite high temperatures on Friday in parts of the country, rains could come from the west. (Image: WX Graphics)

And it was not specific to a region; the Met Office said all of the UK’s countries were among the top five sunniest records in a 1929 series.

England, Scotland and Northern Ireland had their sunniest April.

This broke the previous record set in 2015 for England and Northern Ireland and 1942 for Scotland.

Wales had its third sunniest April after 2007 and 2015.


UK hot weather forecast: high pressure will bring sunny spells towards the end of the week (Image: WX Graphics)

Rutland in eastern England made the most of it – it received 172 percent of the April sun compared to its long-term average.

And the Isle of Wight received a generous 279 hours of sunshine in total.

It was also a dry month; In terms of precipitation, the UK received only 40% of its April average.

Dr. Mark McCarthy of the Met Office said: “The British climate is warming up, and it should be noted that in a Met Office series of 1884, April 2003, 2007, 2009, 20011 2014 and 2020 are all in the top ten of the hottest. “


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