UK has the highest coronavirus mortality rate: analysis


LONDON: Britain suffered the highest coronavirus death rate among the hardest hit countries with comparable follow-up data, according to a study by the Financial Times published Thursday.
Official figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released earlier this week show that Britain has recorded almost 60,000 more deaths than usual since the week ending March 20.
Subsequent analysis by the FT, which examined data from 19 countries, indicates that the virus directly or indirectly killed 891 people per million in the UK, the highest comparable figure.
According to this measure, the death rate in the United Kingdom exceeds that of the other countries also seriously affected by the pandemic, notably in the United States, Italy, Spain and Belgium.
Counting the number of deaths above a moving average in the past five years is considered by many experts to be the best way to make international comparisons, due to a lack of uniformity in the way countries collect data.
Britain has the highest number of deaths in Europe due to the pandemic, with more than 46,000 deaths attributed to the virus in mid-May, according to figures from the ONS.
The government, whose separate death toll confirmed by a positive test now stands at 37,460, has come under constant criticism for its handling of the crisis.
According to the latest AFP count, released Thursday, the death toll from coronaviruses in Europe has now exceeded 175,000, making it the continent most affected.
In addition, Italy – which does not account for most deaths in nursing homes or the community – officially registered 33,072 deaths, France 28,596 and Spain 27,118.
The United States claimed 100,000 lives on Wednesday, and the number of deaths worldwide now exceeds 355,000.


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