UK Coronavirus Live Update: The Latest News and the Dead as the Country Is Prompted to Break Out of the ‘Like One’ Lockout


Wales publishes exit plan out of lockdown using ‘traffic light system’

Wales has unveiled its “road map” to break out of its lockdown, using a traffic light system to define areas of public life that will come back gradually.

Welsh Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said that Wales residents will have to follow current lockdown advice to “Stay at home, protect our NHS and save lives” for at least the next two weeks.

“Over the past eight weeks, we have seen an incredible effort from all parts of our society to respond to the unprecedented challenge to our lifestyle posed by the Covid-19 virus,” said Mr. Drakeford.

“As a result, we, like countries around the world, can think about how we can break out of the lockdown.”

He added, “But it is essential in doing so that we recognize that this is not a short-term crisis. Until there is a vaccine or effective treatment, we will have to live with the disease in our society and try to control its spread and lessen its effects. “

Our reporter, Kate Ng, has the full story below:


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