UK coronavirus LIVE: Boris Johnson prepares “full” lockout plan, government “fairly confident”, hits 100,000 test target


Afghanistan, plagued by poor health care, malnutrition, war and other vulnerabilities, is likely facing a “health disaster” from the coronavirus, warned a surveillance report to the United States Congress.

The report of the Special Inspector General for the Reconstruction of Afghanistan (SIGAR) John Sopko could exacerbate concerns among US officials and legislators that the pandemic threatens to derail US-led peace efforts.

The spread of Covid-19 has already had a significant impact on Afghanistan, the report said, from the complication of the peace initiative to the forced closure of border crossings that disrupted trade and humanitarian supplies.

“Afghanistan’s many and, in some cases, unique vulnerabilities – a weak health care system, widespread malnutrition, porous borders, massive internal displacement, contiguity with Iran and an ongoing conflict – make that the country is likely to face a health disaster in the coming years. months, “according to the report.

Rising food prices in the impoverished country are likely to worsen the crisis, Sopko said in a letter accompanying the report.


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