Tyson Fury’s father John, 55, says he’s ready to die against Mike Tyson as he calls a 53-year-old legend to fight – The Sun


TYSON FURY’s father John says he’s ready to die in a fight with Mike Tyson.

Iron Mike, 53, returned to the gym and revealed that he was ready to fight again and Fury Snr, 55, was ready to take on the challenge.

    Tyson Fury's father John called Mike Tyson and said he was ready to die in battle1
Tyson Fury’s father John called Mike Tyson and said he was ready to die in the fight

Speaking directly to the camera in a passionate online video, Fury Snr said, “I’m looking to fight Mike Tyson, how’s it going?

“Mike is back.

“I don’t value my life at 50 pence but let me tell you something, Mike Tyson is worth doing charity with.

“He’s a real king and a champion. He’s a real man, proven. “

Fury Snr is a longtime admirer of Iron Mike and even named his son Tyson after Baddest Man on the Planet.

And the 6 foot 3 inch Galway-born man had his own professional fighter career – fighting 13 professional fights.

He also fought with his bare hands and claims to have won £ 100,000 in one fight.

Fury Snr also served four years of an 11-year sentence for cheating on a man in a disgusting attack.

He continued, “I’m going to fight Mike Tyson, I know he mentions my boy’s name every five minutes so I’m here.

“John Fury does not hide from any man, not even the king of all men.

“Mike Tyson, I’m going to fight Mike Tyson.

“Listen to this then, I will not be refused, I will die in a fight.

“I am as good as an American Yankee c *** and I will die before I give in. “

Tyson has been inundated with offers since returning to training and yesterday the bookies reduced the chances that he will face New Zealand rugby ace Sonny Bill Williams.

The former heavyweight champion has even been offered £ 16.2 million to make a comeback in an unarmed match since pictures of him hitting pads went viral.

Boxing fans also prayed for a Tyson vs Evander Holyfield III after former Iron rival Mike Mike also retired from retirement.

Tyson Fury sent a tingling spine message to men lining up to face him after the lock was lifted


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