Tyra Banks tackled the insensitive moments and reactions of “America’s next flagship model”


“These were really quirky choices. “

Now that all of the episodes of The next American top model are available on Hulu, people bellow the show and are much more critical.

The mega-popular series experienced very problematic moments, such as when there was a photo session on the theme “biracial” in cycle 13.

Or when Tyra literally widened Chelsey’s gap in Cycle 15.

Later in this cycle, a survivor of sexual assault was forced to advertise a man after revealing her trauma to Jay Manuel.

People who watched the series turned to Twitter to criticize Tyra:

we are not talking about the toxicity of Tyra Banks in ANTM. she would make a girl cut a buzz after her hair had grown back since she was 9 years old, just to send her home the 5th week and get angry when the girls were not crying when they were eliminated ? ?

Tyra saw the backlash and tweeted Friday that she agreed with the criticism.

I’ve seen the insensitivity messages from past ANTM moments and I agree with you. With hindsight, these are truly extraordinary choices. Appreciate your honest comments and send so much love and virtual hugs. ❤️

But many people were dissatisfied with the “excuses,” suggesting that they were vague and misleading.

@tyrabanks Tell more about it. Which choices have been disabled? What’s wrong with them? Simple recognition and sincere apologies are not the same thing

@tyrabanks this ……. is just not enough. you really crushed many girls’ minds playing with lives as if they were sims.

Tyra said “yeah I was wild but you don’t get an apology at all” LMAO https://t.co/kn2wbrmIN2

Others have defended Tyra.

@tyrabanks It was another time, Tyra, when people weren’t offended by everything. Great of you even to recognize it. I think the big problem of our time is to cancel culture. What if we focus on it?

@nabstacks @tyrabanks y’all: I WANT AN APOLOGY ?

person: * apologize *

all of you: NO, NOT LIKE THAT!

@tyrabanks You’ve launched one of the most diverse TV shows in history. Representation has always counted for you, and we see it too.

We appreciate you. ?

Tell me what you think about this situation – the moments, the excuses, the aftermath of it all. Let me know in the comments below.

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