TUI Holidays: TUI announces a new change in the reimbursement process for holidays in the midst of the coronavirus crisis | Travel News | Trip


“We want to provide customers with more flexibility in their vacation bookings and simplify the reimbursement request process.

“This is why we have developed a new system to assist customers with their cash refund requests and have updated our modification policies.

“We recognize that the travel situation this summer is still unclear and there is still much uncertainty as to when we can all travel again, and some customers may not want to pay a final balance with that much unknowns.

“So we are offering TUI customers on vacation before the end of August the opportunity to change their vacation for free so they don’t have to pay before the new departure date.

“Customers whose vacations are canceled will now be able to modify their vacations online and take advantage of the 20% booking incentive, or they will be able to keep their refund credit and booking incentive for a later date when they know when and where they would like to travel. .

“And for customers who would prefer a cash refund, they can now apply via an online form instead of calling our contact center.

“Not only will this save our customers time, but it will also ease the pressure on our dedicated customer service staff, who handle almost a million calls daily while working from home, compared to 45,000 per day during usual hours.

“We are also constantly expanding our virtual telework team while the stores remain closed, so that retail customers can speak with advisers about current and future reservations.


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