Tuca and Bertie Season 2 picked up by Swim Adult


The birds are back.

The birds are back.
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Almost a year later Netflix has canceled one of the most promising animated series in years, she returns in a quite unexpectedly.

Tuca and Bertie, the original Netflix featuring the voices of Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong, was relaunched for a second season by, from all locations, Adult Swim. Yes, the creator of the traditional cable has acquired the rights to a streaming program. A bit historic.

Created by Lisa Hanawalt (who also worked on BoJack Horseman), Tuca and Bertie follows the lives of two apparently normal thirties, just going through their daily lives. They do all the things that birds do in their thirties: talk about sex[[[[Editor’s note: SEX BUGS! SEX BUGS! SEX BUGS! -Jill P.], hang out, party, manage relationships, and work with depression. Fans and critics loved the series, so it was a surprise when Netflix canceled it. But now it’s a little bit where it probably belonged from the start.

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“I’ve been a fan of adult swimming shows since I was a teenager, so I’m delighted to bring my beloved hens to the party and be a new voice for a new decade of absurd, irreverent, but comforting, ”said Hanawalt. at the Hollywood Reporter.

Haddish and Wong are back, as is Steven Yeun, and new episodes will debut next year. In addition, there is an option for more seasons. Say it with us, the birds are back.

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