Trump tells Asian reporter to “ask China” why people die before they storm


Donald Trump left a press conference after telling an Asian-American journalist to “ask China” why people are dying from coronavirus.

Chinese CBS reporter Weijia Jiang asked the President, “Why are you telling me this? Before he implied that his previous question had been “mean.”

Trump then appeared to invite another member of the press to ask a question while Ms. Jiang was still speaking, before returning to peddle and then leave the stage.

Ms. Jiang, who grew up in China until the age of two, challenged the president as to why he and his administration continually boast of having the highest number of coronavirus tests in the world.

“You have said time and time again that the United States fares better than any other country when it comes to testing,” she said.

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Donald Trump leaves the conference

“Why is it important? Why is this a global competition for you if Americans lose their lives every day and we see more and more cases every day? “

The press conference then took an increasingly bizarre turn when Trump replied, “Well, they are dying all over the world.

Chinese CBS reporter Weijia Jiang asked the President, “Why are you telling me this? “

“And that may be a question you should ask China.

“Don’t ask me. Ask China this question. Okay? When you ask them this question, you may get a very unusual answer. “

The president then attempted to answer a question from CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins before Ms. Jiang said, “Sir, why are you telling me this in particular?” That I should ask China. “

Trump ignored the comment

“I’m not telling anyone specifically,” said Trump. “I say it to anyone who would ask a nasty question like that. “

“This is not a bad question,” said Jiang. ” Why is it important? “

Trump ignored the comment and then attempted to skip Ms. Collins’ question and go to another reporter, but the correspondent reminded him that he had invited her to speak.

“I did it and you didn’t answer,” said Trump. “And now I’m calling the young woman on the back, please. “

“I just want to let my colleague finish, but I can ask you a question,” said Collins.

Trump then ended the press conference and left the scene.


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