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Trump likes to “stab his hometown in the back”



New York City has released a new health alert following the detection of 15 cases of “multisystem inflammatory disease” in children in city hospitals. (May 5)

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WASHINGTON – New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said President Donald Trump “seems to enjoy stabbing his hometown in the back” after Trump rejected interest in bailouting democratic states, such as New York.

In a tweet Monday morning, the president asked, “Why should the American people and taxpayers bail out poorly run states (like Illinois, for example) and cities, in any case managed and run Democrats, then that most other states don’t seek rescue assistance? I’m open to discuss anything, but I’m just asking? ”

He also tweeted on Tuesday that “well-managed states should not bail out poorly-managed states using CoronaVirus as an excuse!” “

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In an interview with The New York Post on Tuesday, Trump explained that he thought “Congress is inclined to do many things, but I do not think they are inclined to do bailouts. “

The president said states that needed financial aid shouldn’t receive money in part because they have Democratic leaders, saying, “It’s not fair to Republicans because all states who need help – they’re run by Democrats anyway. continue to enroll New York and California in addition to Illinois.

De Blasio, at a media briefing on Tuesday, made the front page of the New York Post and said, “The President of the United States – a former New Yorker who seems to like stabbing his hometown in the back – [is] talk about no bailout for New York. ”

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“What kind of human being sees the suffering here and decides that the people of New York don’t deserve help?” What kind of person does this? Asked the former Democratic candidate in 2020.

New York State, the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States, has been ravaged by the coronavirus, with at least 326,606 cases and 25,028 deaths so far.

About 21% of working New Yorkers are expected to be unemployed by the end of June, and tax revenue is expected to fall by $ 7.4 billion in current and future fiscal years, leaving a budget deficit of 8 , $ 7 billion until the summer of 2021, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer said Tuesday.

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“Who cares who heads the states? People need help. These are Americans who are in need of help right now, “said de Blasio, arguing that essential workers should not be devalued simply because they live in blue states. “Do you think that makes them less American, Mr. President?” “

New York government Andrew Cuomo echoed this, also challenging the word “bailout” on Tuesday, and saying it was not just a “blue state problem”.

“Because of the coronavirus, we need financial help to restart the economy, and that is what we are asking of the federal government,” said Cuomo. “How do you call it a bailout?” It’s such a loaded word. Such a rhetorical and hyperbolic word. “

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De Blasio and Cuomo have suspended massive budget cuts if help from the federal government does not come.

Congress has been in dispute over federal state funding as it prepares for a fourth aid package on coronaviruses.

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“Anyone who sees and sees the pain that New York felt, anyone who looks and sees the heroism of so many New Yorkers, anyone who looks with heart and soul would say that I want to help these people,” said de Blasio.

“I’m going to give him (Trump) another chance to show that there is a beating heart here, but these comments today show me something very cold. He said of Trump.

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