Trump does not wear a Covid-19 mask during the Honeywell tour


President Donald Trump did not wear a coronavirus mask as a precaution during a Tuesday visit to a Honeywell plant in Phoenix that produces millions of N95 masks for the federal government.

Other official visitors with Trump, who wore safety glasses for his visit, were also not wearing masks.

But Honeywell employees working on the production line wore masks. And a sign in the factory said that everyone had to wear a mask.

At one point during his tour, the cover of Guns N ‘Roses from the James Bond film song “Live and Let Die” was projected from the factory PA system, while workers were doing their jobs. .

Trump, who has consistently refused to wear a mask while interacting with others despite federal directives urging all Americans to do so, said on Tuesday that he would wear a mask if necessary at the Honeywell facility.

A White House official said Honeywell told the White House that Trump and the other visitors did not need to wear masks.

“If it’s a mask environment, I certainly would,” said Trump before boarding Air Force One to fly to Arizona.

“I would wear it. If it’s a mask environment, I would have no problem. “

Trump was not wearing a mask when he left Air Force One after landing in Arizona.

And the president did not wear a mask during a round table on the assistance of Covid-19 to the Amerindians, which took place before visiting the Honeywell factory, which produces masks under contract $ 27.4 million with the Department of Defense.

Trump received one of these masks, mounted on a plate, during his visit.

After his tour, Trump addressed the workers and praised what he called “the incredible patriotic, hard-working men and women of Honeywell.”

“A few moments ago we saw the brand new production lines where you make high quality n95 respirators, they are made to perfection,” said Trump. “There are no bad masks, as some countries have sent. Bad masks from other places. Nothing like it at Honeywell. “

“Respirators are there to protect our heroic doctors and nurses as they fight the invisible enemy. Over 150 Honeywell employees work 24 hours a day, three shifts a day, six days a week. “

Trump’s visit to Arizona was one of the few times in the past six weeks that he left the White House. The President spent last weekend at Camp David.

On March 28, Trump visited Norfolk, Virginia, to see the U.S. Navy hospital ship Comfort, which traveled to New York to relieve pressure on hospitals treating Covid-19 patients.

Vice President Mike Pence was criticized last week for not wearing a mask when he visited the Mayo Clinic, despite the fact that this renowned health facility required masks for all visitors, patients and staff in order to prevent coronavirus infections.

Pence wore a mask two days later when he visited a General Motors plant in Indiana that manufactures ventilators to meet demand from hospitals treating patients with Covid-19.

In a roundtable discussion at Honeywell on Tuesday, Trump said it was time for the United States, which has cut back significantly on its business and social activities, to start reopening.

“We have to reopen our country,” said the president. “We have a big country. We cannot keep it closed. “

He said the dissolution of the White House coronavirus task force was justified “because we cannot keep our country closed for the next five years”.

“People are not going to accept it, they do not accept it and they should not accept it,” he added.


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