Trudeau urges consumers to “buy Canadian products” as government promises $ 470 million for fishing


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urges people to “buy Canadian food” to keep fishermen and farmers in business during the new coronavirus pandemic.

“To all those who want to show their support, buy Canadian. Get Canadian cheese to help a local dairy farmer, eat a fish or buy Canadian lobster, “he said today at his daily press conference.

“Not only will it taste good, it will help the people who keep the food on our plates.” “

Trudeau has pledged nearly $ 470 million today to support fishermen. The package includes a new benefit of $ 267.6 million to cover 75% of the losses for fishermen who expect a 25% drop in income this season, up to around $ 10,000.

Watch: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urges consumers to “buy Canadian products”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also promised that people should “buy Canadian food” to keep fishermen and farmers in business during the COVID-19 pandemic, while promising nearly $ 470 million to support fishermen . 1:50

“In the past two months, many Canadians have faced very difficult situations and very difficult choices. Just take workers from the fishing industry. You can’t harvest lobster inside your home, “said Trudeau.

“So that leaves you trying to figure out how to space people on a fishing boat, or cancel your operations.” It is not an easy call to make. “

Processors and seafood fishers said they feared they could not hire the workers they needed – including temporary foreign workers – while others called for delays in spring season as they work to establish appropriate safety protocols.

Trudeau said the federal government is also implementing a $ 201.8 million non-repayable grant program to pay up to $ 10,000 to fishermen who own their own businesses. The amount of the subsidies will depend on the historic income of fishermen, said the office of the Prime Minister.

Trudeau also said the government is looking to help some fishermen who say they will not generate enough income to apply for employment insurance next year. The Liberals are proposing measures to allow self-employed fishermen to access employment insurance benefits based on insurable earnings from previous seasons.

Last month, the federal government announced $ 62.5 million for the Canadian fish processing sector to help processing plants implement the recommended health guidelines.

Conservative MP Mel Arnold, spokesperson for Fisheries and Oceans, said Thursday’s announcement does not resolve all of the uncertainties facing workers in the Canadian fishing industry, including the risk of a shortage of workforce.

“Today’s announcement does not once again provide the clarity that fishermen and seafood fishers need. When can fishermen claim these benefits? Will family businesses be eligible? Is the offshore sector eligible? Minister Jordan owes fishermen the answers to these questions. important questions, “he said in a press release.

“The labor shortage is also a major challenge, which is why the Conservatives proposed the creation of a new program to match students and young employees with jobs in the agriculture and agri-food sector, including fish and seafood. This is just one innovative solution that would help young people, businesses and communities. ”


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