Toyota reveals safety changes before reopening


On Wednesday, production will officially restart at the Toyota plant in Cambridge, and before reopening, the company outlines its new safety measures.

No vehicle has been produced on site since mid-March.

During the extended production shutdown, the company implemented new safety policies.

Most employees will have to enter their workspace from a different door in a larger hall in the visitor center.

They will also be asked to complete a health survey.

“Just the first day,” says Frank Voss, president of Toyota Manufacturing Canada. “After completing this survey, we will ask them if anything has changed. “

The company will provide masks and disinfectant, and they will also take the temperature of employees using thermal imaging cameras similar to those used in hospitals.

“Right now it’s set at 37.2 degrees,” says Voss. “If you are outside of that, you are flagged. “

Barriers have also been installed between the workspaces.

Anyone who works near another employee will receive a face mask, which was created at the factory using a 3D printer.

“If you’re less than a meter apart, it’s a requirement,” says Voss. “You should always have it. “

About 15% of employees will return to work on Monday when they learn the new security protocols.

More people will be added every day, with the manufacturing process to start mid-week.

Some employees are still hesitant to return to work after seeing how other manufacturers have handled COVID-19 cases.

“People are a little worried,” says Lee Sperduti. “We see what’s going on in the news every day, what’s going on at Cargill.”

Since the workers are not unionized, some wonder if they will be able to get paid sick leave if they start to experience symptoms.

“There are options,” says Voss. “There is leave, depending on the symptoms and the situation. We will work with them together. “

Toyota claims that all safety measures will be implemented at its Cambridge and Woodstock plants.


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