“Totally unfair” – Steve McClaren explodes his plan to promote Coventry City


Former England boss Steve McClaren participated in the EFL plan that would see Coventry City move up to the championship.

The Sky Blues are five points ahead of the League One standings with 10 games to go.

But the season has been suspended for more than two months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Clubs are expected to vote next week on how to end the campaign – either finish the whole match, or call the time now and decide on the final standings using an unweighted point-per-match system (PPG).

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According to the PPG formula, Coventry would be crowned champion but others would not be so lucky.

Peterborough United would leave the play-off area and be replaced by Wycombe Wanderers, while Tranmere Rovers would be relegated to relegation although he was only three points behind with a game in hand.

However, some clubs do not want to resume in camera matches due to the financial implications.

McClaren, however, insists that it can be done – with the help of the “family” of football – and called the PPG proposal “totally unfair.”

“You have to be fair,” he told Sky Sports. “There is a lot of integrity in it.

“Points per game?” No, you are finishing the season.

“It can be done. Whatever it costs the clubs, people have to help.

“Not so much the government, because they help in other areas. They have a lot to do with their permission and all that, which costs them fortunes. “

“But there is enough money to filter out and make sure that clubs like Burton who don’t really want to play and can’t afford to play, that there is somehow funds available to them can finish the last rounds of matches, so you are promoted fairly and you are relegated fairly.

“Looking at this (PPG tables), Wycombe is so, so lucky in terms of this, the president of Peterborough (Darragh MacAnthony) will be utterly trite about dropping out.

“And certainly below, Tranmere. They have the opportunity, lots of games in which they could run and get out. How much will it cost them?

” It is not fair. Either delete it and it’s null and void – I don’t know how you’re going to do this – or you have to play the games.

“Football is a family. Now the family has to get together.

“You don’t want the clubs to close. It’s our game, it’s our future.

“It is not fair and it is not just greed. It’s about coming together in this crisis. Can’t people see this? “

McClaren added, “We have to find a solution and it has to start from the top.

“We have to figure it out for ourselves and make sure we donate enough funds for these clubs to be tested, to be safe, to be able to play games behind closed doors and finish the season. “

“So, maybe, we have the break. Why start the next one right after? Buy this first, then plan for the long term what we’ll do in the future. “


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