Toronto nurse offers free handmade masks for adults and children during a pandemic


A Toronto nurse helps her community stay safe by making and distributing hundreds of free handmade masks from her home in Scarborough.

There is a sign right outside Karen de Prinse’s house in the Guildwood neighborhood of Scarborough that says, “Do you still need a mask?” “

He continues to invite people to ring the doorbell and pick up a mask for free between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. To keep his distance, de Prinse then leaves the mask on a chair outside the house.

Sign of Karen de Prinse

De Prinse has been a nurse for 36 years. She worked in intensive care units and worked to provide emergency response to youth with mental health issues. She said that during the pandemic, she stayed at home with her 84-year-old mother and sewed.

“I just can’t afford to take COVID-19 home. She wouldn’t survive it, so what can I do. I can be at home. I love to sew and I feel like I can give back to the community [and] make people safer to go to the market or go out in public, “she told CTV News Toronto.

As a quilt, de Prinse already had the fabric, and after making masks for his family, a parent suggested he offer them to a larger circle. The masks, she said, are only intended for residents of her neighborhood.

handmade mask

De Prinse has now sewn 475 face covers, including one for the 10-month-old baby Wesley Atkison.

“He has used it before. We are modeling him right now, but he wants to show his beautiful smile, “said his father Ryan Atkison.

“He uses it when we go public but we try not to go out with him very often,” he added.

In addition to baby masks, the colorful Prinse line is available in all sizes for men, women, adolescents and children.

toronto nurse masks

De Prinse said that people offered to pay but that she did not want money. Instead, she asks them to donate to a charity or to be kind to someone else.

“Someone left me stones that said I was a beautiful person. Someone left me a bottle of wine, but most of the time they were grateful to be able to go out into the community, “said de Prinse.


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